Today Jack and I went on the computer and we went on a website and the website had rectangles we had to measure them, with length, width, area and perimeter. We also had to record it in our books. I learnt to measure rectangles.





Soccer is something you play outside.



There are lots of soccer teams in soccer like Chelsea, West brom, Barcelona, Manchester united, Arsenal.


About goalies:

The goalie is the only one that can pick up the ball but the players can’t touch the ball with there hands.


Finals and penalties:

If it’s the finals and it’s a draw there’s extra time if the extra time Finishes there’s a penalty shootout and it keeps going until somebody wins.


When it started:

Soccer started in the 18th century.



Soccer is a sport that any one can play.Have fun playing soccer.


By Jack 4S


I am poem


I am poem


I am funny and crazy.

I wonder if I will move to Sydney.

I hear my brother screaming. I see my Mum laughing.

I want to get my I pod touch for the week.

I am funny and crazy.

I pretend my brother is a monster.

I feel my heart beating.

I touch water.

I worry if my brother hates me.

I cry when I go to a funeral.

I am funny and crazy.

I understand that I have to listen.

I say dogs are the best.

I dreamt I was rich.

I try not to yell at my brother.

I hope my dad has Saturdays off.

I am funny and crazy.


Sea Giants


There are lots of sea Giants there Giant crabs, Giant squid, Giant rays, Blue whales and Giant jellyfish.There are lots of Giant plants too. You can maybe find a Giant fish. Giant crabs live at the bottom of the sea. Giant jellyfish live basically everywere in the deep water. Giant squid live deep in basically the darkness of the water. Giant rays would go from the bottom of the water to the top.Blue whales live in the deep parts they need big spaces to swim in.

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